Lambda Lint

Lambda Lint


Make your reviews about content and your CI suite about tests.
Let us worry about style 😎

Lambda Lint provides a variety of static code analytic services.
We use AWS Lambda to provide coders with lightning fast feedback on each commit.


sampel screenshot


We will continue to make more and more linters available in the cloud, this is what we got so far:

flake8 your tool for style guide enforcement Install
black the uncompromising code formatter Install
PyCodeStyle checks PEP8 compliance Install
PyDocStyle validates docstrings for PEP257 compliance Install
Pyflakes detects code errors in Python code Install
bandit must have code security linter Install
StandardJS JavaScript Standard Style code linter Install


We are happy to add more tools, feel free to suggest some over here.


The setup is simple. Just add a file config file to your repository specifing which linters you want to run.

The configuration is stored in a simple YAML format in a file named .checks.yml

Sample config: ".checks.yml"

      - pycodestyle
      - pyflakes
      - bandit